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Disposable Cleanroom Sock (Size 11-15)

P/n: ECO12896-0036

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About the item

Disposable Cleanroom socks are knitted from 100% continuous filament polyester yarns. They are laundered and packaged in ISO Class 5 cleanrooms, with extremely low particulate contamination, are specialized for critical environment
The structure of the socks allows high wear-resistance and durability while maintaining good elasticity. The mid-calf length with elastic cuff provides a secure fit. It is a cost effective and cleanroom compatible option for cleanroom and extended wear.
Size: 11-15
Color: White
Weight: 25±5g
Helmke Drum test: APC (≥0.5µm) : ≤ 300 counts/pcs
Autoclavable: 130 degree, 15 minutes
Thread Work Color: Red
Width at rest: 10 cm

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