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Ecopark Sanitary Accessories EcoSwab Disposable Virus Sampling Swab Kits

P/n: ECO12899-002

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EcoSwabTM Disposable Virus Sampling Swab Kits includes sampling swabs that use advanced jet implanted nylon fuzz technology and the sample can be easily penetrated, diluted and trapped in the fibre.
Disposable Virus Sampling Kit - Inactivation Type is used for collection, transportation, and storage of the specimen (virus) extracted from oral, nasal, or nasopharyngeal swab samples for the purpose of in vitro diagnostic examination.
The kit mixes the collected specimen with the virus transport media which inactivates the virus while effectively ensuring the stability of the viral nucleic acid during in-vitro storage and transportation.

Technical Info

EcoSwab Disposable Virus Sampling Swab Kits EPSS

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