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Ecopark Face Mask InterMask 3-Ply 9 inch Civilian Disposable Face Mask with 4-ties.

P/n: ECO12888-004-2

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About the item

InterMaskTM 3-ply 9" civilian disposable face mask with 4-ties strings is constructed from non-woven pleated, glass-free polypropylene material with a pliable flat noseband and four tie-strings. CE Certification, FDA Certification & ISO 9001 Qualified System.
3 layers of protection helps filter particles from entering and exiting mask while maintaining smooth breathability
effortless breathing while you’re at work, on a walk, food shopping, or running essential errands.
The tie on straps are comfortable for long wearing sessions by people of all ages and the built-in metal adjustable nose pin provides a perfect fit while still being easy to breathe through.

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