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Ecopark Face Mask SterilMask 3-Ply Sterile Pleated Facemask with Ties

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About the item

3-Ply Sterile Pleated Facemask with Ties, is constructed from a combination of pleated clear, polyethylene, apertured film, PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) & Eco-Park™ Fabric material with soft tie strings. Manufactured in systems complying ISO 13485:2016, GB/T 16292-2010 & 16294-2010 and YY 0033-2000 requirements.
Sterile Pleated 3-Ply Facemask with Ties,
Ideal for use in sterile pharmaceutical manufacturing.
The mask has flexible fit features and bicomponent inner fabric, offering great comfort vs. traditional pleated designs.

Technical Info

SterilMaskTM 3-Ply Sterile Pleated Facemask with Ties EPSS

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