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We are the Manufacturer

iconIn-house QA Inspectors stationed at the factory, 365 days.

icon Doing scheduled and random inspection, at the process level.

icon Doing Quality Control and at packing and loading.

icon Targeting lead time monitoring and reporting delays.

icon We know it is dangerous to rely on just one source. We maintain multiple sources in different countries.

icon We alternate B and C sources with sufficient orders for them to stay in process, stay compliant and to stay on the AVL.

icon We regularly check and keep them alerted on their certificate renewals like ISO, EN and ASTM.

icon This sourcing redundancy allows us to continuously look for better quality, better pricing and thereby better savings for our customer.

icon Though we are not the manufacturer, we work like one, for customer.

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Our Geographical Coverage for Best Sourcing

On the ground sourcing agents, make regular visits to the factory. Continued supplier relationship and ready to act on market fluctuations.

Being locally present is of utmost necessity in finding the right source, negotiating the right price and doing quality control at every level.

Our presence allows us to do frequent compliance audits, so that we can take up responsibility on 100% compliance on behalf of our customer.

Local language is not a privilege in sourcing, it is mandatory in this part of the world, for effective management and technical details.

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